Join My FREE 5-Day Detox & Cleanse Challenge…
Monday, February 15 ​​​​​​​- Friday, ​​​​​​​February 19 2021

Join The Free 5-Day Detox & Cleanse Challenge…

In these five days you will learn what Detox and Cleanse is...
  • How to improve your digestion eating right foods.
  • How to prepare for cleanse.
  • How to engage in your mental cleanse.
  • What is next step after the five days are over.
  • A gentle yoga practice in your cleanse

  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce cravings
  • Feel inspired
  • Enjoy better sleep
  • You may lose some weight.
  • Improve your skin

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Here Is What Our Past Event Participants Said...

When looking to further my yoga studies I was so blessed to have discovered Ananda Yoga Guru Kula 500-Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training program. It was exactly what I needed to help me integrate my backgrounds in Clinical Social Work and Yoga Teaching. Since graduating, I have developed various workshops, including a Grief Workshop that utilizes the healing tools of yoga, and started seeing clients that use both talk therapy and yoga practices to cope with various life stressors. I feel so much more confident in my private practice because the training at Ananda Yoga Guru Kula really prepared me. I benefited greatly from living at the Mission while studying and my personal yoga practice has deepened as well. I highly recommend this training program especially for mental health professionals that want to incorporate yoga as a healing modality.

~Ken Breniman

Wow! What a vast amount of knowledge and grace offered on this amazing yogic journey. I arrived here with no expectations but many hopes and was overwhelmed by each and every presenters way of teaching, experience in their specialties, and openness to serve to their students and clients/friends. The presenters abilities and willingness to pass on their intellectual, body changing, heartfelt, life opening techniques has given me the confidence to step out and share this yogic adventure/path with all who are open to it. My head, my body, my heart is full and ready to serve. I am planning/hoping to continue my leaning with more than half the amazing teachers here ( I came here hoping to leave with one teacher to follow). I would and will recommend to many.

~Emily Galvin